Buy Local Kits On Broadway

When you buy local, you support businesses that supports an eco-system of other local businesses in the community — from farmers and growers to makers and manufacturers, to business support service providers, like graphic designers and credit unions. So many West Broadway businesses are committed to buying local and supporting a strong community — discover how Kits on Broadway businesses keep your community strong!

The B.C. Buy Local campaign encourages consumers to shift at least 1% of their spending — just $15 — to a local business, or a local grown or local made product. If all consumers make a 1% shift, it will create 3,100 jobs and sends $94M in wages to workers in B.C. Check out more reasons to buy local.

About Kits on Broadway BIA

Kits on Broadway is located in the heart of Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. West Broadway offers a fantastic mix of shops, restaurants and services, and a short walk or bike ride to beautiful parks and beaches. When you visit West Broadway, you’ll feel right at home. The vibe is welcoming and friendly. The tree-lined streets pave the way for a beautiful stroll. From joggers to baby strollers, to skateboards and bikes, there’s a pace for everyone.

Kits on Broadway offers great shopping, dining and events:

  • West Broadway’s shopping experience covers needs, wants and everything in between. It’s truly exceptional. Your Kitsilano shopping directory includes stores that offer unique gifts and decor, spas where you can treat yourself (affordably), fashion that is stylish and well-made, and services that help keep you organized (so you have more time to shop!).
  • From local to Mediterranean and more, eating on West Broadway is a trip for your senses. Whether it’s a date night, catching up with friends, or grocery time, you’ll find and savour delicious dishes and treats. And to complement delicious food, there’s tempting drinks! From cafes, to lounges, to pubs, there are many great places along West Broadway to raise a glass or a coffee cup.
  • The West Broadway BIA and its merchants host several exciting events in the Kits area, including outdoor movie events and seasonal celebrations. Visit our event calendar for upcoming Kitsilano events. If it’s Greek to you, then save the date for Greek Day — one of Vancouver’s celebrated cultural events. The streets around West Broadway are filled with all things Greek – food, music, cultural exhibits, demonstrations, and more. Loukoumathes. Souvlaki. Pasteli. Tzatziki. Spelling and pronunciation aside, it’s simply delicious – come hungry and be delighted! The joy is contagious and it’s good times for all ages.

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