Stock Home Design

Stock Home Design began as a staging company in 2009 in Whistler. Owner Elisa Langenstam focused on the importance of design and staging, becoming one of the go-to interior designers in Whistler and Squamish. Missing the retail side of the business in 2010, Stock Home Design’s first retail location opened its doors in Squamish. Fast forward to 2017 the store moved to Kitsilano, to serve a new set of client demands. Showcasing local artistic talent is extremely important to Elisa, whilst also offering price-friendly decor items for your home. We see our store as an ever changing canvas, and we would like to invite you to experience the stories that we have to share through design and decor. We are working diligently to becoming a destination for our unique selection of goods that shares hundreds of stories from small entrepreneurs.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We are delighted to promote and showcase our local artists and makers in BC, which makes up the heart of our “design for living” concept boutique. We advocate for how important it is for our well- being to be surrounded by things that bring joy and that you love, and who better to interpret our beautiful backyard of Vancouver and surrounding areas than our local talent? We have over 100 different local artists and maker collaborators – prioritzing locally is one thing that makes us so unique. Some of our local suppliers include Canvas Candle Company (Port Coquitalm), Bowen Island Salts, Saltspring Soapworks, Raingoose Tea Towels (North Vancouver), Sid Dicken Tiles (Vancouver), Kermodi Plants (Vancouver), Beaumont Glass Jewellery (Kitsilano), Greg Kawszynski Ceramic Birds (North Vancouver), and the local list goes on and on.

We are also very proud of our neighbourhood and other businesses here, so that we are always recommending others if we are not able to help our customers with inquiries. I purchase our packaging from a local company, our POS is a BC-based company as is my bookkeeper, and all other needed services are always outsourced to Vancouver-based trades etc.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: With regards to my staff, I pay a higher wage to show that I do really appreciate their efforts. Everyone receives Christmas and Birthday gifts, I include a meal and snacks for inventory time, we have an annual Christmas dinner, and a good discount when they would like to purchase any items. All of the staff is trained with regards to getting to know all of the artists that we carry and represent, besides they are trained with merchandising and design from my 30 years of experience. Charitable donations include silent gift items for local schools, churches and we gift our loyal clients on occasion to say a special thank you for their patronage and ongoing support of our business.

We have a strict recycling policy, and as of the new year we do not give out any plastic bags. In the summer we keep the doors open so that we do not have to have the AC running. Some of the artists that we represent also include a portion of the cost of goods to go to different programs i.e.: to plant trees, funds go to different charities, and to provide meals.

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