Branches & Knots

Branches & Knots is a fashion trading company with a retail store and wholesale operation that specializes in well-crafted fashion and fun innovative accessories from Japan, Europe and Canada. They are carefully selected and lots of them are something good to us or the earth. Branches & Knots began as the founder, Naomi decided to pursue her own fashion enterprise, which was her long-term dream, and showcase tasteful goods from around the world! Our original plan was to have a one-month-pop-up-store but it turned to be a permanent store because we had a great time with our customers, partners, friends and family at the store in the month. We loved being in the community so much and it was too sad to close the store so soon which made us decide to stay. It’s been a great journey. Our goal is to share those unique and sophisticated taste goods with our partners, customers and community and grow together.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We source a number of our products from local businesses. We carry clothing from Eve Gravel (Montreal), jewelry from Jen Ellis(Vancouver), bath products from Beauty Secret of Japan, winter hats and mitts from local craftspeople, tea from Tea-Lani (Vancouver), socks from Calgary’s Friday Sock Co. and more. Some of the imported products we carry are handcrafted by local people there (slippers from Mongolia), or from non-profit businesses (like WBSJ rainboots).

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: We hire local individuals, and we collaborate with a local school to sell their students’ products.

We try to reduce our environmental impact by recycling all the plastic bags, choosing eco-friendly products, and selling second hand items.

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