HAZEL & JOOLS: 30 Years Experience Helps Women Look & Feel Great

HAZEL & JOOLS designs and produces locally made lifestyle collections for women. This long established business specializes in maternity wear and uncomplicated, versatile clothing for real life, with all its changes. They sell both their own collections, along with other locally made lines, and imported fashions. Their in-house labels HAZEL&JOOLS feature soft textures and simple shapes in bamboo/cotton fabrics for leggings, tees and dresses that build a stylish, easy and ready-for-anything wardrobe. They also  carry selected pants and jeans in stretch fabrics that provide shape in all the right places – maternity or not! With 30 years of experience, Hazel & Jools help their customers look and feel fabulous in pieces that are both comfortable and beautiful.

HazelJools_ByTheNumbersQuestion: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: I think it’s essential to work together with your community, and support your neighbourhood retailers and service providers. I like to keep in contact with my fellow merchants, and get together to promote what we all have to offer. In terms of the products we sell, we manufacture 30% of our inventory with our own sewing contractors. Where we can, we also try to first buy Canadian. We carry several lines that are made in Vancouver. If there is something local made that is affordable and our customers are looking for it, we’ll definitely bring it in. In terms of the services we use, I work almost exclusively with locally owned companies. My marketing and social media, as well as many other services, are all purchased from local owned companies.

Question: What social practices are you proud of?

Answer: We make a lot of contributions – we give gift certificates to local schools, community centres, neighbourhood houses, and others. We always connect directly with our community and offer direct assistance for them, and connect with other businesses and work to support each other and cross-promote. But the most important social impact we have is that we help women, pregnant women and new moms love their curves, look great and feel great about their bodies, no matter what age or stage they are in.

Question: What environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: For our manufacturing, we try to buy organic cotton for our in-house labels. We also buy eco-fabrics like bamboo. Since we manufacture 30% of our inventory here in Vancouver and purchase several other local lines, we are eliminating a huge eco-footprint of carbon and other emissions related to shipping. We also buy other organic clothing lines.