Buy Local Shipyards District – Lower Lonsdale

When you buy local, you help build a stronger communities. Local businesses buy from other businesses in the community — growers, makers, manufacturers, graphic designers, accountants, repair services and credit unions, just to name a few. The Shipyards District in Lower Lonsdale of North Vancouver is full of independent businesses. They create great jobs, support other local businesses, and support community causes – in addition to creating interesting, unique, and thriving communities.

The B.C. Buy Local campaign encourages consumers to shift at least 1% of their spending — just $15 — to a local business, or a local grown or local made product. If all consumers make a 1% shift, it will create 3,100 jobs and sends $94M in wages to workers in B.C. Check out more reasons to buy local.

Explore all the shops and services in the Shipyards District by visiting the Shipyards District directory.

Sponsors & Partners

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Mo’s General Store

Mo’s General Store is located at the corner of Lonsdale Ave and Esplanade Ave in North Vancouver. We are a community focussed and strive to be a partner to your life’s MOments. We proudly exhibit local artisans art... Continue reading »

Main Street Honey Shoppe

Main Street Honey Shoppe offers a wide variety of local honey as well as specialty honeys from Europe, Africa, New Zealand and beyond. When you enter our Honey Shoppe, the first thing you will notice is the... Continue reading »

Bowen Island Pizza Company

Every story starts somewhere, and Bowen Island Pizza Company’s owner Melanie McCready’s comes from Friday Night Pizza Nights in her mom’s kitchen on Bowen Island. Melanie grew up there, spending her youth and 20’s working seasonally for family businesses... Continue reading »