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When you buy local, you support businesses that supports an eco-system of other local businesses in the community — from farmers and growers to makers and manufacturers, to business support service providers, like graphic designers and credit unions. So many of Hastings Crossing businesses are committed to buying local and supporting a strong community — discover how Hastings Crossing businesses keep your community strong!

The B.C. Buy Local campaign encourages consumers to shift at least 1% of their spending — just $15 — to a local business, or a local grown or local made product. If all consumers make a 1% shift, it will create 3,100 jobs and sends $94M in wages to workers in B.C. Check out more reasons to buy local.

Hastings Crossing BIA is a strong partner of B.C. Buy Local Week partner with neighbourhood businesses to using our posters and stickers to identify locally owned stores, local grown and local made products, and our poster to tell us how they support other local businesses. Read the stories of how the area’s businesses impact the community – excepts below or the full stories can be found here.

About Hastings Crossing BIA

The Hastings Crossing BIA (HxBIA) is an organization that takes a leadership role in managing change and shaping a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable local economy here in the Downtown Eastside. Through collaboration with its business members, grassroots, government, private sector and non-profit partners we bridge the needs of local businesses with the capacity of community focused organizations to foster a vibrant, healthy and diverse area for all – whether you’re here every day or just for the afternoon.

The geography of Hastings Crossing represents the crossing between East and West in Vancouver, a divide that historically has influenced the city’s culture, politics and economics. Hastings Crossing BIA is a business community where innovation is exemplified, where creativity is currency, and where the humanness of enterprise brings with it an authenticity and grittiness that makes our area undeniably genuine. As the former main business and retail heart of the city, Downtown Eastside is where the historic roots for the city of Vancouver were planted over 125 years ago. The area continues to undergo real changes that present both challenges and new opportunities. There have been and continue to be complex issues at play in the DTES similar to those shared by other inner-city communities throughout North America, but there is also an equal amount of determination. compassion and creativity to meet those challenges from local community groups, entrepreneurs, enterprising non-profits, residents, and culture creators of which HxBIA has en masse. Despite the challenges, the DTES is becoming increasingly attractive to new businesses due to its relatively affordable retail/commercial spaces, and its location. The Downtown Eastside’s proximity to Gastown, Yaletown, Chinatown, Downtown and its accessibility to transit create an ideal economic area. HxBIA plays a role in managing change and creating a sustainable economy that matches the needs of the local community.

Discover the businesses in Hastings Crossing using the HxBIA business directory.

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