Art Rental & Sales

Art Rental & Sales is a not-for-profit business operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Since 1952, the program has promoted emerging and mid-career Canadian artists through the rental and sale of their artwork. All the artwork in the rental program is consigned by artists who receive the majority of the fees collected, while the remaining proceeds support programming at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Choose from over 800 contemporary artworks consigned to us by local artists. Rental fees start from $10/month, and purchase options are available. Delivery and install can be arranged for you through our industry partners.

The Art Rental & Sales showroom on the first floor annex of the Gallery, where we are featuring a selection of small, giftable original works by artists based in British Columbia. Proceeds support local artists and the Vancouver Art Gallery. We also organize “Artist Talk” events for the public to meet local artists.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: 100%  of our inventory of artwork is by local artists based in B.C.! They consign it to us, and the artists make revenue from rental and sales. 

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: We’re most proud of how we provide exposure support B.C. artists. We give them the opportunity to make revenue to support their work from rental fees and sales. B.C. has over 30,000 working artists, with the largest percentage of our labour force in the arts, well above the Canadian provincial average. It’s so important to support this creative sector and the livelihoods of B.C.’s artists.