SuperValu Gibsons

As a local, family-owned and -operated grocer, SuperValu Gibsons offers a wide selection of everyday staple foods and specialty items, including a full-service butcher, extensive produce department and deli, as well as a bakery which is one of the last, in house, from-scratch bakeries remaining!

SuperValu Gibsons is also 100% independent, and not a franchise, which means they are able to buy and support local growers and producers.

Acting as a hub of the local community for more than 60 years on the Sunshine Coast, we steadfastly believe in supporting our communities to build a strong, vibrant place to call home, and a robust, resilient local economy, because it, then, supports them.  They call this “goodness through food”.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses? 

Answer: To support local businesses, we buy BC whenever we can, and we waive listing fees to remove hurdles for smaller local businesses.

The majority of product purchases are from local wholesalers based in BC such as Discovery Organics for produce, and Canadian Choice Wholesalers and Horizon Grocery+Wellness. For meats and bakery supplies, all are procured from local BC-based suppliers. When available seasonally, we purchase locally grown produce from farms like Sunnycoast Farm, Henry Reed Organic Produce, and Eatmore Sprouts & Greens.

Another way in which we try to help local businesses is by getting to know our BC producers and promoting them weekly, telling their unique stories through our social media channels and e-newsletter so that we all can be more aware of BC products and businesses.

In 2022, the future of hyper-local will come into focus with a strategic partnership between SuperValu Gibsons and Coho Commissary to provide mentorship, incubation and a retail outlet for our food entrepreneurs!

Last but not least, we support other BC service providers with our banking, insurance and bookkeeping & accounting needs.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of? 

Answer: Our hardworking employees are at the heart of our organization because each day the entire team offers friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service to ensure the best possible store experience for all our customers.  Recognizing this, we are very proud to provide above-market wages, financial perks and bonuses, as well as offer benefits to all full-time staff.

By supporting our community because our community supports us so we take social responsibility to heart. We donate to local food banks, Salvation Army and St Bart’s Food Bank, support high school graduates with bursaries, and actively participate with local groups to address food security throughout the year. As an example, this past Thanksgiving, SuperValu Gibsons contributed towards and cooked turkeys to provide over 900 dinners with all-the-fixin’s!  And most recently, we donated to the Canadian Red Cross.  This will support rescue teams and emergency services to help those affected by the severe storm and its devastation throughout BC.

As a grocer, environmental sustainability is very important for us, particularly for our produce department. Produce scraps are donated weekly to local farmers for animal feed.

We are proud of our growing organic fruit and vegetable selections. Organic farming makes a smaller carbon footprint, conserves and builds soil health, and eliminates the use of toxic pesticides, which contributes to natural ecosystems for cleaner water and air.

And, as an organization, we believe in reusing what we have. Cartons and packaging boxes are made available to customers for their use instead of plastic bags, and we encourage using reusable bags, which are available in store.

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