SPUD.ca / Be Fresh Market

SPUD.ca is focused on creating relationships with amazing farmers, ranchers, fishermen/fisherwomen, bakers, and artisans to make it easy for customers to have the freshest ingredients and amazing products delivered directly to your home or office. We believe that food should be healthy, so we partner with local producers and farmers who you can trust: real people who have integrity, who respect our environment, who care about our community, who value sustainable farming practices and believe in the humane treatment of animals. We select local ingredients from partners who care about food and our environment.

Be Fresh Market / Cafe is cultivated by SPUD, we share a mutual vision to support localism. We focus on creating healthy meals with local and organic ingredients to bring you delicious, nourishing food. As we evolve our meal prep to incorporate more organic and local ingredients, and expand the retail division of our business throughout Vancouver, we wanted to create a new brand that more closely identifies with our core products, mission and vision. Our goal is to bring you meals that nourish your body and enrich your life. We believe that your energy comes from what you eat, which is why our food is made with only the freshest, healthiest, and best ingredients. Our ingredients are carefully curated from local sources to complete our vision of creating relationships and building a community.

How are you supporting other local businesses?

We work hard to create meaningful relationships with local vendors, ranchers, farmers, fishermen, bakers, and artisans to deliver the best and freshest ingredients to homes and offices.​ Our goal is to buy from as many local farms and suppliers as possible. By buying locally, you get much fresher, tastier food and help support your local community! We buy certified organic and natural grocery products from 24 local farms and 198 local suppliers that are less than 800 km from our Vancouver warehouse. A selection of these farms and local suppliers are profiled below.

We are committed to creating relationships and building community, so many of the services we purchase are also local. We have so many great local service providers – all our banking, car sharing, coaching, constructions, consulting, distribution, transportation, waste management services, repair and  maintenance, IT and employee benefits are provided by great local companies.

What social practices are you proud of?

Our success comes directly from our local community. We want to use our connection to local, organic food to help improve the places where we live and work. We engage our employees to make a great workplace, and are investing in the community We are proud to support local producers and community projects, and are committed to sustainable, seasonal products. We also engage with our customers four times a year using our delivery system to give back to various not for profit charities in the community. Our delivery trucks pick up the empty bins when dropping off fresh food and in those empty bins our customers can donate warm jackets in the winter, school supplies for those in need in the fall, woman’s toiletries to those most in need in the spring and more.

What environmental practice are you most proud of?

We are a certified B Corporation – a rating system for sustainable businesses. We also work on reducing resource use, reducing food waste, reducing the use of toxins, and decreasing carbon impacts. In fact, we have the lowest food waste of any grocery company in Canada. Instead of throwing food out once it’s near it’s expiry date, we donate to local charities or use it to make organic, cold pressed juice.  By providing home delivery of local, organic products, we help our customers reduce time and trips to the store, and make sure that ingredients have less of a carbon footprint because they don’t travel so far.