Sofia Clothing: Natural, Luxurious and Locally Made

Sofia Clothing designs are intended to make women feel effortlessly beautiful. Each design is locally made using luxurious and natural fabrics. Special focus is directed to construction, fit and detail, resulting in beautifully designed, easy-to-wear garments. The pieces are vibrant, feminine, and do not over shadow the woman wearing them. Sofia is perfect for a day about town or a night of wine and laughter; perfect for bringing out the best qualities in you. Sofia Mendez Schenone, the designer behind Sofia, was born and raised in Chile. After graduating from Fine Arts and Fashion Design she launched Sofia in the Fall of 2010. Her Spring 2011 collection earned her the title of Best Up-and Coming designer in Western Canada’s “Generation Next” competition. After the competition Sofia was inspired to relocate to Vancouver, where all production now takes place.

Sofia_ByTheNumbersQuestion: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: All my clothing is made by small independent factories. I use three different factories based in the Metro Vancouver area, depending on the project. I also have one woman who works for me to make my clothing samples. All the grading, patterns, fabrics, notions, and hangers come from BC-businesses. I use local owned printers, my accountant is local (based in Victoria). My website is managed by a Canadian woman. She used to live in BC but has now relocated to Australia. I use a Canadian bank but it’s not BC-based; it’s one of the big five banks. I use local modelling agencies and hire local photographers.

Question: What environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: I’m committed to natural, quality fabrics. I’ll sometimes use polyester if I find a beautiful fabric and good quality. I use good quality natural fabrics as much as I can. My commitment to quality means that my pieces are made to last. A big part of fashion’s impact is that clothing is poor quality and ends up in the landfill, so I focus on quality so that my pieces are made to last.