Sadryna Design

Sadryna Design makes accessories & clothing from high-quality European leather. We integrate durability, practicality & aesthetics. We are coming into our 19th year as part of the Granville Island Community. I love being part of this community, and I love the direct contact I have with my customers.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

I’m a very specialized small business. To operate, we use other specialized businesses, which also tend to be local. These businesses are usually where I get my materials. For instance, we buy from Lonsdale LeatherRainbow Industrial Products, and Dressew Supply. I buy my packaging material from Paper-Ya and Eddie’s Hang-Up Display Ltd. as well as paint from Kroma Artist’s Acrylics in the net loft. I sometimes partner with local businesses like Aurum Argentum Goldsmiths in Vancouver’s Railspur Alley to co-produce products.

On Granville Island, each business is also part of the artistic and local business community. In some cases, we help each other especially when we need support, and provide an exchange of our services when needed.

I buy almost all my services from local businesses – about 90%. I buy from local distributors, I use Chambers Olson Insurance and a local accountant who specializes in local artist businesses.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

We make quality custom products that are made to last. Good quality leather products look even better when they’ve been worn in – I have people who have had my products for 18 years. I’m old-fashioned and love to provide personal service – to see someone’s personality and provide a piece they will use for a long time. We can also customize the strap length, the interior design of the item, tailored to measurement, etc. I don’t waste any materials – If there are any leftovers, I usually recycle them to make leather rugs that one can put in a living room or in front of a fireplace.

I only buy European leathers because they are the best quality, and they have strict environmental standards on tanning leathers. Of course it’s most expensive, but other leathers can be terrible environmentally, and even cause eczema when you wear them. When I get requests from the local film industry, they sometimes also request high-end quality when it comes to props and wearables.

As a small business, we try to contribute however we can; we are all connected. I always give to the Vancouver Food Bank, because I think we are really privileged. It’s shocking how many kids and seniors are living in poverty and don’t have enough food to eat. During the beginning of the pandemic, I was part of a group of women that produced face-masks and we donated the money to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. In the past, we have volunteered with the Children’s Festival, teaching kids how to braid leather, make bookmarks, etc. I’ve also organized a couple of fashion shows with Arts Umbrella to highlight the products made by the Granville Island artist community.

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