Luppolo Brewing Company

About Luppolo Brewing Company

At Luppolo Brewing Company our beer is equally as important as the atmosphere we create in our lounge. Enjoy our selection of craft beers and delicious food in a warm and welcoming environment, your home away from home located in the “Yeast Van” Brewery District in Vancouver, BC. Luppolo (pronounced loop-o-lo) means hops in Italian. We chose an Italian name due to the Italian heritage of two of our owners and because the values associated with Italian culture–quality, craftsmanship, community and family–are central to our vision. We’re conveniently located on Venables Street, and you can park your car or bike right in front of the brewery, or close nearby. We take reservations at some times so it’s easier for you to plan a party or gathering of friends.

At Luppolo we believe that experimentation is the key to developing unique and interesting beers. While we commit to crafting true to style classic Ales and Lagers, we also spend a lot of time investigating and researching to create lesser known styles and hybrids. We love creating mixed fermentation beer, our wild yeast and bacterial strains impart complex flavours that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Our goal is to keep our customers thirsty for new and exciting beers as well as consistently providing them with the styles they’ve come to love. To achieve this we do our best to maintain a selection of 8 rotating beers in our lounge. We also do a limited amount of kegs sales to bars and restaurants as well as private customers.

Regardless if you need a party reservation, or are just filling your growler, you’re welcome at Luppolo Brewing. A presto! (see you soon!)

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We have about 20 vendors, and we’re committed to buying from other local companies whenever we can. We are also looking at other aspects of the companies we work with and the products we buy – environmental and social aspects. We’re pretty proud of all the purchases we can make with B.C. companies – all of our service purchases, most of our consummables and a good percentage of our inventory purchases (ingredients and such). We work with B.C. suppliers for all our accounting, banking construction, repair, ​distribution, transportation, media/advertising, waste management, IT services​, employee benefits and more. When we can’t buy from a B.C. or Canadian company, we do our best to buy from private companies based elsewhere, so the money is still going into the pockets of local owners and employees in those communities.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: We’re providing  good jobs for a growing workforce. All our employees are City of Vancouver residents, so they aren’t adding a lot to traffic and emissions while commuting, but we’re also providing good jobs for locals. We are committed to making sure we have engaged, happy employees. We reduce our waste as much as possible, and recycle or compost everything we can which has led us to a 95% landfill diversion rate, which was assisted and tracked by one of the great local companies we work with – Recycling Alternative. We’re also big on giving back – investing in the community by sponsoring local events and donating to fundraisers.