Griottes Polyglottes

Griottes Polyglottes was born from Ingrid’s love for the arts of the stage (Theater, Acting, Storytelling and Improvisation). Back in France, she worked as a project manager for one of the top banks for over 10 years. Alongside her job, she was performing on stage as a comedian in several places in France and in Africa.  In 2017, she wanted to add more challenges to her life and decided to move to Canada wishing to use her passion to improve her English speaking skills. Unable to find such a place, in 2018, she started Griottes Polyglottes where participants practice French and English through Acting and Improvisation games. She was blown away by how quickly students got results in her workshops and how their confidence in speaking the language grows dramatically. Therefore she decided to expand her business online, and now helped by 2 other teachers, Griottes Polyglottes is offering regular French and English classes or even weekend intensives. Her dream is to bring Improv in language learning to provide a place for everyone to speak while having fun and being creative. As a recognition, Griottes Polyglottes won the Small Business BC Peoples Premier Choice Award in 2020, and the Immigrant Entrepreneur Grant in 2021 based on the nominee’s unwavering support to their community. 

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We have developed meaningful relationships with local French community organizations that help promote and support the business. We also choose local service providers over corporate. These services include our accounting with Alex Harvey North Van, our banking with Vancity, as well as business consulting with Fire and Flow Academy and Viva Coach. We have been back in person since May 2022 at La maison de la Francophonie for our very popular in-person classes.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: Griottes Polyglottes offer free Improv classes to La boussole a French organisation that helps Francophones in precarious situations in British Columbia.

We also offer by donation French cooking classes, in partnership with AtmauWellness, the dollars go to non-profit organizations like the Spirit Of The Children Society. These classes are promoted with the help of French organizations including, Canadian Parent for French (BC and Yukon), and le Cercle des Canadiens Fran├žais de PG. We also support those who will soon be entering the workforce. So far, we have 5 volunteer interns who helped us, receiving in Exchange a work experience in the education environment.

Ingrid also donated her time to French-speaking theatre plays, including Alliance Fran├žaise de Vancouver, Reseau Femme CB, and English-speaking performances at Vancouver Playback Theatre.

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