gogoBags designs and manufactures reusable bags for food and life. The business was born from the founder’s goal to provide her son with the healthiest and most eco-friendly snack options. She enlisted her mother into the business, and a line of reusable sandwich bags was born. They launched gogo Bags at a Christmas Market in November 2010, and have grown to include a line of produce bags that help reduce plastic waste and extend the life of fresh produce.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: When you shop local and you get to visit the warehouse and meet the owner or people who you work with in person, there is a connection that you can get anywhere else. We estimate that 80-100% of our inventory purchases are from BC-owned and Canadian-owned businesses. Most fabrics, notions and threads aren’t made locally, but when we buy them we buy them from local owned businesses. We love our suppliers! Fabric Time, Gordon Fabric, and N.Jefferson are our main local suppliers and we love all three companies. For services, we use almost all local suppliers. We work with local people who we already know personally and have a heart connection, either through networking or word of mouth

Question: What social practices are you proud of?GoGoBags

Answer: We are a family-run business and we’re proud to manufacture the products ourselves, right here in North Vancouver. Our products help families save money, but also time, so they can spend more of it with their family.

Question: What environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: Our reusable fresh produce bags helps families extend the life of fresh food, avoid food waste, reduce food costs, and reduce plastic used for produce bags. They also reduce trips to the grocery store. Our reusable lunch bags avoids packaging waste and reduce toxics in the foods that children eat.