ENIGMA Urban Eatery

ENIGMA Restaurant is newly renovated community restaurant in West Point Grey, providing delicious food at affordable prices. Our Chefs are passionate about local, sustainable, high quality food with a creative, innovative approach. Our dishes not only satisfy you, but exceed all expectations through flavour, texture, colour, and aromatics. We want to thrill you with every guest experience! Join us for special menus on holidays throughout the year (Valentine’s, New Year’s), and  live music every Saturday night.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: As standard practice, we work to buy as many B.C. grown or made products (ingredients, drinks) as we can. We work with about 12 suppliers and 50% of our inventory is from B.C.-based businesses. There’s about 15% of our inventory and 20% of products we use in our operation of the restaurant that aren’t available in Canada, but when we can buy local, we do. We also buy from many local service providers – our accounting, bookkeeping, banking, repair, maintenance, waste management, IT and other services are made with B.C. businesses 90% of the time.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: We are committed to engaging and developing our employees, investing in our community, and reducing our waste.  We are an equal opportunity employer, and we’re proud of the waste reductions we’ve been able to achieve.We are the kings of recycling from food waste to glass and plastic and cardboard and everything in between. All our take out containers are biodegradable even our straws (if you must have one) are made from corn and are biodegradable.