Discover Dogs

Discover Dogs is more than a pet store – it’s our mission is to be an all encompassing support system for families with dogs and cats. We are a dog store and services company with highly educated staff. Our main focus is to build a balanced dog, for the benefit of the whole family. We believe in supporting local businesses. We believe in being kind to the planet. We believe that everyone deserves support, no matter their age, gender or sexual identity, race, ability, or religious beliefs. Come in and ask us about our variety of unique and local items including: mentally stimulating toys, limited ingredient treats, nutritious dry food alternatives, stylish and functional hardware, and helpful housewares. We even have weekly healthcare hours dedicated to nail trims, body checks, eye and ear health, and detox support.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We buy about 85% of our inventory products – food, treats, clothing, toys, and other goods – from B.C. and Canadian companies. Stocking quality items is important to us, for environmental impact and for our clients. We like to get to know our suppliers by name, and see the benefits of supporting local companies first hand, as well as getting to give feedback directly to the makers!

Many of our food brands are made in Canada, and the majority of their ingredients are sourced here too! Some of our local food producers are: 3P NaturalsCarnivoraNRG, PetKindRed Dog Deli (Red Dog Blue Kat), and Zeal. Same goes for our treats, Feel Good Treat Co., Noahs Ark, Granville Island Pet TreateryWild Bites and Yappetizers all make amazing high quality treats that dogs love, and their parents feel good about buying.

We stock a couple local shampoo companies (Beau Canine EssentialsBlack Sheep) and even have local supplement companies with Adored Beast Apothecary and Olie Naturals. Finally, Furry BeadsHandsome MountainRC Pets/ Canine Equipment and Woof Concept make quality hardware.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: We hire locally and we’re reducing our emissions by making sure our staff don’t have long commutes to work. We all live in East Vancouver within a 20 minute walk to the store. We’re proud to provide benefits and pay a living wage to our staff, and when we’ve had the resources, we’ve hired and mentored employees with learning disabilities. Our staff are all encouraged to use reusable mugs and containers for their lunch and afternoon coffee, and we compost and recycle in store. We also do a daily morning pick up around the store for trash and discarded cigarette butts.

We’ve also started a recycling program, taking back 100% of the packaging from products we sell: when we amass enough packaging, we bring it to the Zero Waste facility to be recycled. While we try to stock as many products as possible that have 0 packaging, this isn’t always possible for things like dog food, so we are doing what we can!
We keep a donations bin in the store for folks to drop off gently used items, which we donate to a variety of rescues.