Cloud 9 Gluten Free

Cloud 9 Gluten Free was founded on the desire to provide the local celiac community with certified, tastier food. What they did not realize at the time was that there was a larger community looking for healthier “free-from” food, not limited to those with celiac disease or those with gluten allergies. First inspired by the vision to grow and innovate to serve people with special dietary needs, they quickly realized a large number of consumers were choosing a gluten-free diet because they simply saw the benefits. Their baking mixes are certified gluten-free, free from all eight major food allergens, Kosher and meet the specialty diet requirements for a broad spectrum of customers by being clean-label and Vegan. 

They pride themselves on their innovative solutions and product development within the gluten-free world, allowing them to be where they are today as one of Canada’s premier suppliers of gluten-free and specialized food products. 

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: From the day we began producing, we aimed to support the local Celiac Association as we heard firsthand how difficult it was to find good-tasting gluten free products. That was 10 years ago, and our commitment remains strong to serve and produce local. Our business ties are almost entirely local, from the use of local ingredient suppliers like Snowcap and Western Rice Mills, to local co-manufacturing, and package printing by Associated Label and ePac Flexible Packaging through to our broker, Salud Brand Management to distributor services of Horizon Distributors, and Nationwide Naturals. By collaborating with local suppliers, service providers, and other local businesses, we are more resilient through economic uncertainty and maintain that strong relationships work to build powerful mutual support. We have built relationships with local food industry specialists such as Plenty & Grace Food Hub & Innovation Centre and our accounting and consultant services of Reconcile Business Solutions. By continuing to engage with and embrace collaboration locally, our connection to BC businesses has strengthened. We can rely on them, and they rely on us. It is partially through these local ties that we have been lucky enough to be eligible to proudly display the Buy BC logo on our products. 

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: We support employees by being inclusive in our hiring practices. We have in the past hired many with barriers to employment and youth. 

We have had a long-standing relationship with the Celiac Association, BC Chapter, with our charitable giving and support in fundraising efforts. We have supported local efforts by donating items toward Greater Vancouver Food Bank fundraisers. As many companies have done in the past two years, we have moved our office to work at home and will remain located at home as we have learned to navigate away from the need to be physically located at a facility miles away. The move to a home office has helped us reduce our impact on the environment. Since 2016, we have embraced the environmental benefits of owning a 100% electric vehicle.

We continue to research and stay informed of material science to ensure, when possible, we switch materials to balance the environmental, economic, and functional needs for our product.

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