Aphrodite’s Organic Café & Pie Shop: Committed to Organic and Local

Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Pie Shop was founded in 2002 by Allan Christian. He was working and living on the Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op in the Fraser Valley. He first opened the Pie Shop and then 1 year later he opened the café, harvesting vegetables from the farm to serve in the restaurant. His daughter Peggy took over when Allan passed away in 2008. She is committed to keeping her father’s legacy alive by continuing to bring local organic food to the city.

Question: How do you support other local businesses?

Answer: We are committed to organic local products. Our produce is as local as you can get. We also have a seasonal menu to maximize what we can get local grown in season. During the summer, 95% of our produce is local grown. We buy most of that direct from the farmers. In winter we use local owned distributor Discovery Organics, who works to help small scale Certified Organic farmers here at home gain access to the larger commercial marketplace. The flour in our pasty is local made by Anita’s Organic Mill in Chilliwack from Canadian grains. We serve organic beer and wine. All our wines are organic, and we serve bottle organic beer. We just sourced a new local organic draft beer from Dogwood Brewery.

For aAphroditesByTheNumbersll our other products and services, we look for local whenever possible. We bought our uniforms from an east Vancouver supplier/manufacturer called Blackwood Apparel, we buy green cleaners and compostable take-out from Wisent Environmental, we bank with Vancity, and our accountant lives down the street!

Question: How else do you support your local community?

Answer: We try hard to be an excellent place to work. We provide higher than industry average wages. For instance, our line cooks make up to 20% more. We also give our employees extended benefits after they’ve worked with us for 6 months. We have a very low turnover rate – if you want people to commit to you, you need to commit to them.

We also support local charities and non-profits by donating thousands of dollars worth of gift certificates every year for their events and fundraising activities.

Question: How do you support the environment?

Answer: Our commitment to organic is probably the biggest way. And of course, our commitment to supporting local farmers.