Annimiism: Inspired Local Made Fashions

Aniimiism has a mission to embrace change and collaboration, to create new shapes and forms in understated ways. Their fashions are loose and tailored, detailed and clean, and inspired by inspiring things… All their garments are sewn in Vancouver in local factories by technicians who have spent years perfecting their craft that embolden many of the designs.

Aniimiism_ByTheNumbersQuestion: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: Although I really make an effort to support local businesses, it also just makes sense. I’ve worked in big clothing manufacturing, and I’ve seen the communication breakdown that can happen when you don’t know the people you work with. It’s the most convenient way to do it without ending up with mistakes and delays.

My fabrics mostly come from China or India but I buy them Telio, a Canadian distributor based in Montreal with an office in Vancouver. That represents about 80 percent of my spending. My trims and notions are from local companies.

In terms of the services I purchase, my business is hyper local! I am doing all the pattern making and samples myself, and I contract with a local owned factory with about 25 sewers for production. It’s right near my neighbourhood – just down the road from me on Powell Street! My business cards come from Club Card – convenient because it’s also just down the street. My fabric printing is done by Oddball on Main Street. I really appreciate working directly with these suppliers. There are so many intricacies in fashion and fabric that there’s so much that can go wrong – so suppliers like Oddball who help me understand how the artwork needs to be adjusted are invaluable. Almost all my services are from other local companies. I have a local accountant, and the modelling agencies I use are BC-based – either Lizbell Agency or Key Model Management. I love working with Young and Frank – they are a local company that helps to arrange and style photoshoots and then design the website. They subcontract out to another local company who takes the photos, and also subcontract to another local web development company that does the website. They even rent the photo equipment from Beau in kits – a local rental company – it’s the best!

Question: What does living and manufacturing here mean to you?

Answer: I love Vancouver and I love how collaborative other local business owners are. The City has so much talent-anything you need manufactured, you can get here. There are so many talented, creative people. If I have big ideas to get something done, it’s here – I don’t have to go to LA. As a result, I’m having a lot of fun and I’m motivated to grow my business. It’s never a chore! I enjoy running my business and working with the people I get to work with. I’m also proud of having a good work-life balance. That’s part of Vancouver culture and the outdoor culture; it’s easier to find that balance here. Vancouver is a really special to run a small business because of the people and place.