Angkor Harvest

Pan’ya Neou and Sophea Heang, founders of Angkor Harvest make unique, Cambodian-style
organic sauces with specialty Cambodian and local ingredients. It’s a joy to see their customers’ delight and enthusiasm for their freshly made organic mango and lime sauces. It means a lot to Pan’ya and Sophea to re-create their family recipes and serve their community’s tastes for
unique and delicious culinary flavors. Angkor Harvest exists to bring people together through food, conversation and culture.

Panya and Sophea pride themselves on blending together the culinary gems of Cambodia, such as organic Kampot Peppercorn and palm sugar with locally sourced organic products.

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We work closely with local business and suppliers. For example, we bank with Vancity, and work with a local printer for our labels. Our suppliers and packaging are also sourced from local businesses. Our team of contractors (graphic designers, etc.) and consultants are based in the
lower mainland and other areas of BC.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: Angkor Harvest uses recyclable packaging for our dried mangoes and glass bottles for our sauces. Angkor Harvest purchases certified organic Kampot peppercorns, palm sugar and other
ingredients from an organic farm cooperative in Cambodia to ensure farmers receive a fair exchange for their commodities. Pan’ya and Sophea and their two daughters make soup and sandwiches and distribute them to communities in the downtown east side area. Furthermore, we offer food donations to local temples.

A Social Enterprise / A Social Venture

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