Aldor Acres Christmas Tree Farm

“Welcome to Aldor Acres Christmas Tree Farm and Artisanal Market, a 4th generation family farm specializing in making family memories that will last a lifetime!  Come select your perfect tree, visit our friendly farm animals, shop at Mrs. Claus’ Snack Shack and Artisanal Market and wrap it all up warming by the campfire while enjoying Christmas music. Merry Christmas and thank you from Mark, Leanna and family for supporting a local, sustainable family farm!” 

Although our Christmas season is crazy hectic, we love the fact that families have made the time to do something fun and natural to do together and are making memories that can’t be replaced by technology or things. 

Question: How are you supporting other local businesses?

Answer: We are staunch believers in buying local as this is how our economy thrives.  Our seedlings are purchased from a grower in Langley,

We are staunch believers in buying local as this is how our economy thrives.  Our seedlings are purchased from a grower in Langley, NATS Nursery. Our fertilizer is from a company in Abbotsford, Terralink. Our tree stands are made in North America and purchased from a supplier in Aldergrove, Eddi’s Wholesale. Our preserve supplies are from Driediger Farms, Otter Coop, Richards Packaging, Hilltop Farms and Ralph’s Market. Our live root trees are from Chilliwack at Pine Meadows, our fresh-cut trees are from a nursery supplier in Richmond, TSC Nursery. Our feed, fuel and farm supplies from the Otter Coop. Our mini potted trees are from EVL Nursery in Langley and our wreaths, garland and boughs are from Abbotsford at Pacific Emerald Wreath Company.

In our artisanal market, we have products by Campbells Gold Honey Farm, The Bog Riverside Cranberry Farm, Heather’s Hazelnuts, Carolyn Maclaren Ceramics, Mushmallows BC, Holde Keepsake Company, Log Cabin Toys, Ferity Salves, All Of Oils, Molly Gray Art, Woodcraft by Melissa, Fraser Candle Co, Hanington Millworks Wooden Tree Art, Louise Ballance Pottery Decorations, Harper’s Cookie Haven, Handmade Cards by Sharon, in addition to our own farm fresh beef, lamb pork, eggs, garlic, preserves just like Grandma made and homemade pumpkin, pine and sunflower soap.

Question: What social and environmental practices are you proud of?

Answer: As far as environmental, a natural Christmas tree is the way to go.  Not only do they help clean the air while they grow, but they can be chipped and used for mulch once you are finished with them.  You support a local family farm which in turn employs locals, buys local and supports local service providers.

Not to mention, artificial trees are made of oil products, made out of the country, shipped globally and take over 100 years to decompose when you dispose of them (generally every couple of years to keep them looking their best)!   

We farm sustainably, using as little product on our trees as we can.  We have established beneficial insects in our tree fields which help control the pests that can make a tree less desirable for the consumer.  This means we do not use sprays, except a fungicide in the spring to keep the trees healthy and fungus free.  We do a fair amount of weeding and mowing to keep the grass down in our rows, so customers don’t have a lot of mud to contend with when they are looking for their trees. It also keeps the bees happy!

As for social, we make many donations to families in need during our Christmas season, in addition to helping support The Salvation Army Gateway of Hope in Langley through donations of eggs, soup bones, Christmas treats and money.  We are currently doing a sock drive this Christmas season to deliver prior to Christmas with a couple of gingerbread house kits to make their season a bit brighter.

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