Feel the Local Love

Check out over 2000 love letters sent to local BC Businesses as part of the #BCBuyLocal week holiday contest.  Look up your favourite local business and see what other fans had to say.
Spending with a local business has ripple effects that contribute to the growth and health of the communities in our province. Local businesses enhance our community, connect and support us socially, and enhance wealth and employment by circulating dollars many times between businesses.
Locally owned businesses circulate …

The Soap Dispensary: Community-based eco-champion helps consumers reduce, reuse and refill

The Soap Dispensary is a retail store dedicated to reducing the plastic footprint of consumer products by refilling household cleaners, personal care products and DIY ingredients. Customers bring in their own clean containers or pay a small deposit fee to use one from the store, and reuse them over and over. The products they source are chosen for their low impact on human and environmental health, and contain no toxic chemicals, fillers, dyes or synthetic perfumes. They also carry a …