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Local Owned

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Local owned businesses are:

  • Private companies (ex. single owner or partnership, employee owned, co-operative or social enterprise/non-profit)
  • Headquartered in BC
  • >50% of owners reside in BC

Local Grown

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Local grown products are:

  • An agricultural product grown in BC (ex. food, plants, fibre, wood)
  • A manufactured product with >50% materials grown in BC

Local Made*

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Local made products are:

  • Wholly or largely (>50%) manufactured or processed in BC

*Can include products produced without local materials or ingredients. Local Made products with local ingredients or materials can add Local Grown if applicable.

Local Champion

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Anyone who purchases from Local Owned businesses or buys Local Grown and Local Made products can be a Local Champion. Let your customers know you value them as Local Champions.

Stickers are for use with Avery® products 22807, 22817, 22825, 41464, 41494, 22923, 22933, 22921, 22961.

How Are We Local Poster

Download (PDF)
(full size: 11″ x 17″)

Use this poster to let consumers know how you’re local and what local businesses you support. When local businesses purchase from other locally owned businesses their impact on the economy is increased even more.

  1. 1 Print the poster.
  2. 2 Identify how you purchase from local owned businesses, and buy local made and local grown products. (See the guidelines above for what constitutes a local owned, local grown and local made.)
  3. 3 Write them on the poster.
  4. 4 Display the poster in your business to let your customers and employees know how you’re local.
  5. 5 Use the tag #BCbuylocal to share how you’re local.

Thank You for Choosing Local Infographic Poster

infographic-posterDownload (PDF)
(full size: 11″ x 17″)

What are the impacts of buying local? For every $100 spent with a local owned, BC-based business $46 is recirculated back into B.C.’s economy. These statistics and more are drawn from research done in British Columbia. Read the supporting research reports.

Download this poster to show customers and employee the positive impacts that buying from local owned, BC-based businesses generates.

Look for the #BCbuylocal dots above to identify businesses and products that help make these impacts a reality.

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