BC Buy Local Week

B.C. Buy Local Week Dec 3–9, 2018

B.C. Buy Local week is an annual celebration of the unique contributions that B.C. businesses make to our economy. They strengthen the social fabric and donate to local causes. They provide great jobs, and support local service providers, keeping money circulating in the community. Consumers love local and B.C. Buy Local Week helps showcase B.C. local owned businesses, and B.C. local grown and local made products found in stores everywhere.

7 Ways for 7 Days

There are 7 days in #BCBuyLocal Week, so here are 7 ways to Buy Local this week and throughout the holiday season:

1. Buy Local Online. If you’re making more clicks than trips to stores this holiday, make some of those online purchases at local webstores. How?: Check the company’s address or phone number in the “About Us” or “Contact” sections, support local makers on Etsy by setting the custom “Shop Location” filter to “British Columbia” when you search. If you’re using Amazon.ca, click “Shop By Department” at the top left and you’ll find a “Made in Canada” section under “Handmade”. Amazon doesn’t currently filter for the location of sellers, but “Ships From” under “Delivery” for each item let’s you know if the seller is in Canada. If the item is “Fulfilled by Amazon”, it’s most likely from a Canadian company and ships from Canada.

2. Buy Local Ingredients. You’ll often find BC meats, produce and prepared foods side by side on the shelf with imports. Look for a BC address or our pink #BCBuyLocal sticker on local products. Local retailers like Donald’s Market and SPUD are starting to use stickers online and in-store.

3. Frequent Local Eateries. Organizing a staff holiday party? Local restaurants recirculate 65% compared to 30% for chains, creating more jobs, supporting local service providers (accountants, credit unions, etc.), growers and other suppliers.

4. Buy Local Beer. Craft brewing is exploding in BC. The beer economy supports 1 out of every 100 jobs in Canada and creates ~$6B annually in tax revenues. Impress your friends and family with the unique taste of the province’s 140+ craft breweries. Buy beer available from the breweries themselves, from public or private liquor stores. Find breweries them through the BC Craft Brewers Guild and look for hyper local beers at BC Liquor stores.

5. Buy BC Wines. At your next dinner or get together, forgo Californian, Chilean, French or NZ in favour of wines made in  your own back yard. There are 340+ wineries and ~1000 vineyards in BC. Find them direct from the winery, in the BC section of public liquor stores (or online under Canada/BC VQA), and private wine stores everywhere.

6. Visit Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets. Have fun while shopping for local grown produce, artisan food products and crafts from BC Farmer’s Markets or Craft Fairs near you. Check our events calendar to set your schedule.

7. Visit Your BIA or Chamber. Compact, walkable neighbourhoods are filled with smaller independent stores. Park your car and discover unique shops, products and services that you won’t find at the mall. We work with many local Business Improvement Areas and Chambers. Find them here.

Visit us for more of BC’s best businesses products, and check our calendar for local events during #BCBuyLocal Week!

Why Local?

During the holidays, the average Canadian spends about $1500 on travel, food, drinks and gifts. B.C. Buy Local Week encourages consumers to shift at least 1% of that spending – just $15 – to a local business, or a local grown or local made product. If all consumers make a 1% shift, it creates 3 100 jobs and sends $94 M in wages to B.C. workers. More reasons to buy local.

B.C. Buy Local Week Partners

LOCO coordinates B.C. Buy Local Week in partnership with leading businesses, Business Improvement Areas, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Organizations and Buy Local groups across B.C. Our partners represent some of the most interesting and unique business communities across B.C.! They are full of great local growers, manufacturers, designers, retailers, restaurants and service providers that keep our communities and our economy strong.

Find out more about our #BCBuyLocal Week partners, discover great local businesses and BUY LOCAL.

Interested in becoming a partner? We work with groups across the province to activate the campaign in their communities, measure community impact and elevate the stories of local business, and conduct our annual survey of independent businesses. Contact us for more info.