About BC Buy Local

bcbuylocalweeklogo-2016The BC Buy Local campaign celebrates local business to promote the contributions that BC businesses make to our economy and our communities. The goal of the campaign is to illuminate the local market, making BC-based businesses and products more visible to consumers. What’s local? Read more about how we define local.

The 2016 campaign kicks off with the 5th Annual BC Buy Local Week on November 28–December 4, 2016.

The goal of the BC Buy Local campaign is to provide a platform to highlight BC-based businesses and products by answering the questions: why local? what and where is local? and for businesses, how are you local?The campaign centres on the ability to identify BC owned businesses as well as BC made and grown products by defining what is local from a local economic impact perspective.


Local Owned:

Local owned businesses are:

  • Private companies (ex. single owner or partnership, employee owned, co-operative or social enterprise/non-profit)
  • Headquartered in BC
  • > 50% of owners residing in BC.

Local Grown

  • An agricultural product grown in BC (ex. food, plants, fibre, wood)
  • A manufactured product with >50% materials grown in B.C.

Local Made*

  • A product that is wholly or largely (>50%) manufactured or processed in B.C.
    *Can include products produced without local materials or ingredients. Local made products with local ingredients or materials can add “Local Grown” if applicable.

Local Champion

Anyone who purchases from Local Owned businesses or buys Local Grown and Local Made products wherever they are is a Local Champion. Let your customers know you value them as Local Champions.

Who Can Participate & How? BCBuyLocalDot_web


Businesses can participate by identifying themselves as locally owned, and using our kit to label locally grown and made products in their stores and restaurants. Businesses should promote themselves and their local products with the hashtag #BCBuyLocal.

Business and other groups can participate by joining as a partner and providing campaign materials to their businesses. Organizing special offers and events during Buy Local Week and throughout the year. We will promote events and share stories via submission and the tag #BCbuylocal.


Consumers can participate by being local champions! Enter the Buy Local Week social media contest, promote the hashtag #BCbuylocal, engage your favourite businesses, produce and products in BC. Visit bcbuylocal.com to sign up for news about great BC products and businesses all year long.

Campaign Partners

BC Buy Local is a year long campaign. Research shows that communities with an active and effective buy local campaign can see revenue increases of up to 3.5%. LOCO has partnered with several innovative BC-based organizations to launch the campaign.

We are always looking for campaign partners in organizations that believe in supporting local businesses, creating community and building a strong local economy, and who want to show their support for helping other BC businesses to grow. Please contact us for more information.


The BC Buy Local campaign is coordinated by LOCO BC with the support of our sponsors and partners.